birth name jamila natassia okeke. nickname/s jam, jambalaya (by her mom). date of birth & age 13th of September, 1998; 19. place of birth Nairobi, Kenya. current residence Boston, Massachusetts. marital status single. occupation Analytic and Collection Support Specialist at CENTRA Technology.


WHO IS SHURI? Shuri is T'Chaka's youngest child, only daughter, and the only biological child of his third wife, Queen Ramonda. She is the half-sister of T'Challa and the heir to the Wakandan throne. She has dedicated and trained all her life to becoming the Black Panther. Upon her father's death, her uncle S'yan, became Black Panther because she, nor T'Challa, was of age to do so. As the years progressed, she swore to become Panther and attempted to enter into the once-a-year Wakandan ritual that allowed anyone of the royal bloodline to become Panther by defeating the ruling Black Panther in hand to hand combat. (Read More) POINT OF CANON Black Panther (Shuri) is pulled from Marvel (616). COMIC TIE-INS • Jamila was born in Kenya, a country in Northeast Africa, while Shuri was born in Wakanda, a Northeast African nation that is said to border Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania.

• Like her counterpart, Jamila is an expert martial artist, trained by her father and eldest brother at a young age.

• Very proud of her Kenyan heritage and the culture it possesses. Once proclaimed in a school interview that she would die for her people.

• Jamila is the youngest and only daughter of retired Army General Sabra Okeke, and his third wife, Lieutenant General Imani Clefton.

• When Jamila was 14, she had a near-death experience that rendered her in a comatose state for two weeks after being hit by a car while riding her bicycle outside her family's home. After coming out of her coma, Jamila explained that she was taken to another "plane" of existence where she met all of her ancestors, and a man in particular, who showed her the way back to life. Somewhat similar to Shuri's trip to the Djalia, the Wakandan plane of memory.

• Both are multilingual. Jamila can speak her native language of swahili, english, french, and other various languages.

• Both are expert tacticians and war strategist. Jamila was brought up in a military household that believed children "should be experts on map based strategy board games by the time they're 3, just in case another World War breaks out".
hand-to-hand combat (expert): jamila is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, trained at a young age in the styles of muy thai, judo, jujitsu, karate, boxing, and wrestling.

weapons combat (above average):